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Future Work Architecture: The Journey from Known – Unknown

The world of work is moving at an astonishing speed, driven by the increase in computerization, connectivity, and data analytics. Profound societal and demographic changes were fast-tracked by the dominant influence of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the world is adapting to a dramatically altered future of work, there comes various uncertainties on issues not limited to the shape of the workplace, the social and regulatory response to change, flexibility to cope up with the fluid and dynamic workforce, and new norms and ways of working. The keynote speech will cover broad topics such as projection of how work, workers and the workplace will evolve in the years ahead. Though much emphasis is placed on the impact of technology on the future of work discussions, other prominent factors such as the flexible way of work (work-home-home concept, hybrid model of working), and the gig economy play an important role in what, how, who and where work will be done. Keywords - Computerization, Connectivity, Data Analytics, Societal and Demographic Changes.