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Integration of the MR Technology, Elastic Phantom and Blood Circulation System for Liver Transplantation Surgery Simulation: A Pilot Study

Liver transplantation (LT) is an important treatment method for liver cancer, liver laceration, and liver cirrhosis. However, the blood vessels are complex in the liver, the success of LT depends on the doctor's experience. This study proposed a set of MR surgical training systems, which builds a virtuality and reality fusion algorithm based on a mesh morphing algorithm method. Projecting the 3D blood vessels onto the surface of an elastic liver phantom, which contains blood vessels, and allowing users to observe 3D information on blood vessels in real-time during LT practice. To verify the feasibility of the system, the study conducted the tests by using a blood circulation simulation system. The experimental results showed there was a positive correlation between cutting-hemorrhage level and blood flow rates. The system has a high degree of realism and is suitable for preoperative practice to improve the quality of surgery. Keywords - Liver Transplantation (LT), MR Surgical Training System, Mesh Morphing Algorithm Method, Elastic Liver Phantom, Blood Circulation Simulation System.