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Internet Addiction and the Relationship with Cybersecurity

The Internet is a global communication network that allows users to exchange information using many different electronic devices such as computers, smart phones, tables etc. Despite the many advantages of using the Internet, there are many disadvantages which include addictions to online gaming, and social networking. The concept of Internet addiction is a terminology that appeared on technological age and is fueled by wide access of Internet. This study explains internet addiction and its relationship to depression, health problems and psychological disorders. Also, the study examines the relationship between internet addiction and how the addicted people being exploited by hackers. The authors constructed a questionnaire to measures and evaluate issues associated with misuse of the Internet access different age groups. An evaluation of the time spent on surfing the Internet, playing games and networking on social sites is being done. Social networking and online gaming have constituted a concerned issues in Internet addiction, as the users tend to spend long hours over the Internet for such activities. Finally, this study found that there is a link between people being exploited over the internet and internet addiction. Keywords – Cyber Security; Addiction; Internet; Depression.