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Psychological Counseling in Dermatology

Background: Nowadays, many people refer to dermatologists for cosmetic procedure or skin problems and diseases, some of these people need psychological counseling and treatment. Aims: When do we need Psychological interventions in the field of skin, hair and cosmetic? Patients/Methods: We conducted our study on 5000 patients referred to dermatology clinics from 2020 to 2023 and all these patients were interviewed and evaluated by a clinical psychologist. Results: In this study, we were able to obtain a general assessment of when we need psychological interventions in dermatology: When a trauma or stress possibility cause a disease in a person, when a defect in the face causes a psychological problem and when a person has a related mental disorder. Conclusion: The results of this study show that in some clients that refer to dermatologists, there are psychological issues and problems mixed with the individual's dermatological problem, and that psychological problem must be evaluated and treated first, and this shows that there is a need for a psychologist trained in the field of Psycho dermatology diseases will be very useful in dermatology clinics. Keywords - Psychology, Dermatology