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Study on Implementation of Efficiency Energy Generation of Microgrid from Solar Power Plant

The Solar Energy is generated by the Sunlight is a non-dematerializing renewable source of energy which is free from ecofriendly. In today’s generation we needed Electricity every hour. This Solar Energy is generated by as per applications like industrial, commercial, and residential. It can easily energy drawn from direct sunlight. So, it is very efficiency & free environment pollution for surrounding. In this article, we have reviewed about the Solar Energy from Sunlight and discussed about their future trends and aspects. distributed solar power plants. A distinctive feature of the proposed model is the localization of places for the installation of power active filter-compensating devices, the use of which allows providing the necessary quality of electric energy and achieving the minimum energy losses in the elements of the energy supply system. According to the results of the simulation, the comparison of the energy efficiency of the traditional energy supply system and Smart Grid has been made. Keywords - Solar, MPPT, ESS, Grid, Battery