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Impulse or Planning Buying: An Empirical Analysis in Grocery Retailing

Environmental changes, specifically the economic crisis and the growing penetration of digital technologies, have produced significant changes in shopping habits, designed to gradually reduced the effectiveness of in-store marketing levers in influencing shopping behavior. A new scenario seems to be opening up where a more planning and preparation for shopping is carried out before customers entering the store. In this new environment, to formulate and execute effective shopper marketing strategies, managers need to better understand the complete picture of how online, offline, mobile and in-store marketing influence shoppers in the path-to-purchase-and-beyond cycle.The present work intends to explore the relationship between pre-shopping behavior and shopping behavior in-store, with the aim to understand how pre-trip activities influence shopping behavior instore. Index Terms´┐ŻShopping Behavior, Instore Marketing, Store Format, Pre-Trip Activities, Impulse Buying.