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The Relevance of Auditing in a Computerized Accounting System

The world is changing faster than ever before as computer is affecting every sectors of the economy. Accounting profession is not left out of this change as the quality of information to be provided to users for decision making have to be improved on. This paper, therefore provide a detailed information about the concept of auditing to its relevance in a computerized accounting system. The papers also give a brief explanation on the terms computer, auditing, and computerized accounting system. This study also analyzed the procedure for auditing a computerized accounting system. The trend between manual and computerized accounting systems was also x-rayed in this paper. Based on the findings of this research, some recommendations were made. The study concludes with the statement that, although computerized accounting offers several more benefits than manual accounting, the function of manual accounting will never go away completely. Keywords´┐Ż Corporate World, Information Technology, Computerized Accounting System, Auditing.