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Study on the Changes in Fig Growth Characteristics Under the Independent Pillar Type Agro Photovoltaic System

Agro photovoltaic system can be of great help in achieving domestic renewable energy conversion and national carbon neutrality goals as it can simultaneously perform renewable energy power generation business and agricultural activities in farmland. This study carried out an empirical study on the growth characteristics of figs in the farmland under the independent pillar type agro photovoltaic system. The sugar content of the experimental group under the agro photovoltaic system was 14.9%, and the sugar content of the control group was 15.3%. In addition, fig weights of the experimental and control groups were 54.4 g and 61.8 g, respectively. Overall, the control group without the agro photovoltaic system showed better results. Keywords - Area-Efficient, Low Power, CSLA, Binary to Excess One Converter, Multiplexer.