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Analysis of Technological Effectuation of DNA Sequencing in Future Strict Digital Security and Privacy Systems

Strong and reliable security system is the peak demanding challenge in the modern epoch. In this paper, a new security system has proposed based on the human DNA sequencing system. In recent progressive methods enhanced the security system using human biometric characteristics such as eye, thumb, hand, cornea, and DNA. Among them, DNA sequences drive the security system toward a higher level. This paper introduces a promising field of security, quick response, and cost-consuming methods. DNA sequences are very long and exist in many species. So, fast matching and efficient storage is an essential factor for DNA sequences. This paper presents a fast string matching method for encoded DNA sequences which does not decode DNA sequences while matching. Four-character-to-one-byte encoding and combine a suffix approach and a multi-pattern matching approach is used in this method. In this study, the method can repair the recent research on DNA sequences by time-consuming and cost-consuming approaches. The proposed experimental results show that it is about 5 times faster than AGREP and the fastest among known algorithms. Keywords - DNA, Security, String Matching, PCR.