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Catalyzing Parents’ Roles in Improving the online Learning Behaviors of College Students

Every individual deems longitudinal appreciation of his existence. The main purpose of societal engagement is the recognition of the contribution shred in all forms and angels for the benefit of all entities. It is the impact which is not and not the person who does it whether that one is identified as gay, lesbian, straight or even transgender. Hence, this study aimed to determine the extent of practice of the roles, opportunities and sexual behaviors of the Villas is Gay Association members. It identified the profile of the respondents in terms of their age, gender, civil status, monthly family income, highest educational attainment, religion, family type and time spent online.The study employed the descriptive design of research study and a total of 131 gay members of the Villas is Gay Association from 21 barangays of the Municipality were considered as the respondents of the study. A questionnaire was used to gather the needed data and the gathered results were processed through the utilization of the SPSS. Based on the findings of the study, the study found out that majority of the members of the Villasis Gay Association are 35-49 years old, feminine, single, poor, high school graduate, spend 2 hours online, Roman Catholic believers who belong to the nuclear type of a family. Gays of Villas is often perform their roles in their family and in the community, often enjoy the opportunities in terms of personal development and social welfare and sometimes practice sexual behaviors. The age, gender, religion, monthly income, highest educational attainment profile variables are related to the roles, opportunities and top their sexual behaviors. The roles, opportunities and sexual behaviors vary in terms of their age, gender and family income. The study recommended that the gays of Villasis should find more sources of income to augment their family finances, continue their studies and since they are also active online, they must use it to be the source of their income. Their roles must be clearly executed and be enjoyed. Opportunities are always in store and must be taken advantage of these for their welfare. The Department of Labor and Employment must see to it that all genders must be given equal chances and opportunities. Gays must be aware of their roles and sexual behaviors as well as the opportunities that they may enjoy knowing and exercise their rights correctly and be able to deal with all these with confidence wherein negativities, hatred or even discrimination will not foster. Hence, gay rights are human rights. Therefore, they must know their rights. Older gays must be the guide for the young ones to lead them to brighter future. Likewise, the Municipality of Villasis must support the advocacies. Keywords – Villas is Gay Association, Roles, Opportunities, Sexual Behaviours.