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Catalyzing Parents’ Roles in Improving the online Learning Behaviors of College Students

Education at this trying times still really matters and not be compromised since this is everyone’s fundamental right. Covid-19 has stricken the globe, however, the quest for quality and relevant learning must still reign. This research study presents the results of the parents’ level of attainment on the online learning behaviors of their children. Two-hundred seventy-nine (279) parents from Pangasinan State University-Philippines participated in the study. Responses were consistent throughout, although there were some differences noted in their perceptions and evaluations. There was statistically significant relationship in the level of attainment based on sex, educational attainment, income and number of children. Overall, parents rated their attainment moderate, and a plan of action is proposed to improve the online learning behaviors of students. Keywords - Online Learning Behavior, Involvement to the Learning of Students, Constant Monitoring and Coaching, Good Conduct towards Online Learning.