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Effectiveness of Online Learning Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic in Pangasinan State University

Learning can still come in various forms, angles, and dimensions though interrupted with large-scale and all-inclusive global contagion. The strength of the net-based approach which serves as the prevailing trend still delivers even at the midst of an onslaught of a pandemic where online learning takes it biggest part to still sustain academic engagement especially in the higher education. It is imperative that the educators still take the value of online learning and the aspects that determine the efficacy of online academic setup. This study examines the effectiveness of online learning along student learning, pedagogy, learning environment and resource utilization. Particular interest is paid to the meta-analyses on the online learning of students of Pangasinan State University amidst Covid-19 pandemic and the correlation between the profile variables of the respondents and their online learning effectiveness assessments. By and large, there is robust indication to suggest online learning because this is moderately effective. Moreover, this frame of literature proposes that the provision of electronic-grounded teaching paraphernalia should be strengthened. Faculty members should be constantly provided with technological advancement preparations like teaching applications and platforms that are aligned to the times of pandemic. Keywords - Online Learning, Student Learning, Pedagogy, Learning Environment and Resource Utilization.