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Investigation of Illegal (Without a Valid Residence Permit) Afghan Immigrants in Iran and the Challenges Ahead

Iran has hosted Afghan immigrants over the past 50 years. Especially, after the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, the flood of illegal immigrants from the eastern borders of Iran has been intensified. Looking to the future, it has the potential to create irrepariable damages, such as increasing crime rate, increasing fake jobs, reducing the quality of the workforce, and as a result, reducing economic growth in the host society. Therefore, in the first step, by relying on international(World Migration Report published by IMO1) and national documented statistics(Iran Migration Outlook published by Iran Migration Observatory),a correct understanding of the challenges faced by illegal immigrants as well as the host society should be reached so that effective steps can be taken to prevent future crises.. In the next step, the authority of Iran can focus on solutions such as managing the immigrant labor force entering Iran, educating illegal but talented afghan immigrants, as well as selecting and accepting skilled immigrants to prevent future damages. Finally, identifying and applying the right managerial approaches, this threat can be turned into an opportunity. In other words, using the potential of the young labor force of Afghan immigrants, losting young labor force from Iran can be compensated, and also social, economic, and cultural capacities of these immigrants can be used in the best way. Keywords - Education, Future Crises, Illegal Immigrants, Host Society, Selection