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E-Business in Indian Perspective

In the present scenario, the use of the Internet has paved the way for several path-breaking innovations. Today, in order to compete with international market with high level of perfection, globalization has pushed every economy to adopt the new technological innovations in business process. It converts the traditional methods of business, that prevailed in the trade market for several years, into a viable alternative i.e. Electronic-Business (e-business). E-business is defined as the process of using electronic technology to carry out any business activities. Although, many Indian organizations are trying to convert their traditional methods of business into e-business, we cannot deny the fact that e-business trend is new-sprung in the Indian market and is not yet practiced at a rapid rate. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the merits and demerits of e-business before conducting such business processes on the internet. Hence, this paper tries to elaborate the present status of e-business in India and also examine the challenges faced by e-business players in India. Keywords - E-Business, Technology, Indian Market, Innovations, Internet.