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Success in life from Choosing Auspicious Numbers” Relationship Between Language Strategies in Numerology Predictions from Thai Literature “Change Mobile Number Change Life

The purposes of this study were The relationship between the way Language and life success ideology in numerical prediction discourse “change mobile number change life” This study was conducted by Purposive Sampling from popular numerology writings The researcher uses the concept analytical discourse Criticism along the lines of linguistics as an analytical framework. The results showed that Language strategies play an important role in generating a set of ideas about changing numbers that will lead to success in all areas of life. By using language strategies as a tool to define and direct ideas to the audience, who is the target group to believe and conform to the discourse presented Language strategies used as tools. These include the choice of words, making claims, exaggerating. Comparison, use of expressions, landscapes, and use of bases. The aforementioned strategies create a set of ideas related to success in life, namely: Success comes from having money. Success comes from being loved. And success comes from having a career advancement. Such a set of ideas leading to the ideology of success in life caused by using a phone number that is auspicious number. Keywords - Success in Life; Language Tactics; Numerology Discourse; Critical Analytical Discourse