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Family Factors and Women Entrepreneurial Motivation in Nigeria: A Survey of Selected Women Entrepreneurs in Kogi State

The study investigated the impact of family factors on women entrepreneurship in Kogi State, North Central Nigeria. The family is a source of finance and human resources, social and cultural values, and role modelling. While studies have shown that family background is one of the numerous determinants of entrepreneurial intention, we know little about the influence of family factors on entrepreneurial intentions in Nigeria, particularly among women. Data for the study were collected through primary source. The study surveyed women entrepreneurs in three Local Government Areas, LGAs; (Lokoja, Okenne and Kabba) of Kogi State. 340 women entrepreneurs were sampled through Yaro Yamane while Bourley’s proportion allocation formula was used to determine samples for the various LGAs. The sample was arrived at using stratified sampling in the first instance, and simple random sampling was done afterwards to get the required respondents. Findings revealed moderate positive coefficient of correlation between desires to be closer to the family; participation in family business; desire to leave legacy to family members; desire to support family members and women entrepreneurial motivation. More and more women are starting new business, whether micro, medium or large scale, motivated by mostly family factors and survival in a male predominant societies, and women entrepreneurs are creating employment opportunity and generating income. It was recommended that there should be improvement in societal encouragement of women’s participation in economic issues, nation building, innovation and productivity. Keywords— Family, Factors, Women Entrepreneurship.