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Influence of Firm Stake Holders’ Pressure and Sustainability Capabilities on Developing Sustainable Supply Chain Management

In recent years there has been a strong interest from practitioners and experts in the development of concepts specific to sustainable supply chain management. More, very few papers have examined in a holistic approach the determining effects of stakeholder pressure and organizational capabilities on sustainable supply chain management practices and management performance. As a consequence, we developed a model that deals with the links between these variables by means of Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling, and tested on a sample of 178 enterprises. Our findings confirm the logic that firms undertake SSCM practices mainly because of perceived stakeholder's pressure to be sustainable. More, the impact of external stakeholder's pressure on SSCM practices is much greater in magnitude than those of internal stakeholder's pressure. Also, we discover that internal capabilities-management performance and environment-related technical capability-are important drivers of SSCM practices. Keywords - Sustainable Supply Chain Management; Stake Holders’ Pressure; Sustainability Capabilities; Management Performance