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Delayed Versus Immediate Feedback With Bie in Pre-Service Teachers� School Practicum

Teacher training programs have a pivotal role in sophisticated Turkish education system. In order to reach high standards in teacher training, trainers should encourage and supervise pre-service teachers to use effective teaching skills and strategies. To ensure that providing feedback is regarded to be a widely accepted way for maximizing the use of teaching skills and strategies on newly established behaviours. With this in mind, the aim of this paper was to gain insights into the effects of immediate corrective feedback (delivered via a wireless FM listening system BIE) and delayed feedback on student teachers� instructional behaviours during instruction in teaching practicum. Six senior students participated in the study and it lasted eight weeks. Data was collected via a checklist, field notes, and video-records. Immediate corrective feedback was found to be a more effective way than delayed feedback to help student teachers to be effective users of teaching practices such as class management, body language, voice level, use of intonation and stress, so forth. The findings were discussed and some helpful implications for teaching were given. Keywords� Teacher Training, Education, Foreign Language, Practicum, Feedback, Technology.