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Authenticity Antecedent in Brand Loyalty the Case of Branded Shoes

The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of brand authenticity in consumer perceptions of brand image, to examine the relationship between brand image and brand love, brand image to brand satisfaction, brand love to brand trust, and brand trust to brand loyalty. The research method uses non probability sampling with purposive sampling technique where the unit of analysis is customers who use Adidas, Nike and Onitsuka shoes. The analysis method of this research is structural equation model (SEM) using AMOS. The results confirmed that brand authenticity is a strong antecedent of brand image of branded shoes, brand image affects brand satisfaction and brand love. The effect of brand satisfaction on brand love has also been. The managerial implication of this research is the authenticity of the products provided by the brand and provide tangible evidence to support their position which will help strengthen the image and consumer confidence in branded shoes products. Keywords - Brand Authenticity, Brand Image, Brand Satisfaction, Brand Love, Brand Trust dan Brand Loyalty.