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Determining Competitiveness of Pakistan Sports Goods Industry using Revealed Comparative Analysis

This paper attempts to investigate the comparative advantage of Pakistan’s sports goods industry in the global market using both the static revealed comparative advantage and the dynamic comparative advantage. The top 10 sporting goods from Pakistan have been chosen for this purpose and combined revealed comparative advantage and dynamic revealed comparative advantage for critical analysis. The product positioning of the specific products was also determined by this study. The data has been collected from the ITC trade map for the period 2005 to 2019 and is categorized using the Harmonized System (HS). The revealed comparative advantage was calculated using the average RCA. The results indicates that China and India have a strong comparative advantage for festivals, carnivals, and Balls while the USA, Thailand, and Indonesia have a strong comparative advantage for Golf balls. Pakistan is competitive in exporting inflatable balls because it has the highest revealed comparative advantage in the global market. Keywords - Competitiveness; Static RCA; Dynamic RCA; Trade Specialization; Sports products; Inflatable balls