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Scenography as Part of an Architectural Education: Scenography as a Design Philosophy

Architecture in the context of our research will be represented mostly by the scenography. Theory of architecture will be explored herein in relation to theatre studies, as a communication between space and its inherent characteristics by means of heterotopy and synaesthesia. It can help to assume new ways of how space is utilised by its users and it may become a critical architectural project. The aim of this research is also to initiate thinking about the theatre as an art form, connected to the medium of architecture in a new way. Architectural education reflects the need for such creative participation with other media at different levels depending on the possibilities or focus of the university where architecture is taught. The paper focuses on a case study from the Faculty of Architecture of the Slovak Technical University (abbreviate FASTU), where, besides other visual media, it is also possible to attend scenography as an optional course. It also deals with the reasons to build such an intermediary learning process. Keywords - Scenography, Architecture, Theatre, Education