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Impact of Culture on Consumer Innovativeness: A Comparative Study of Consumers in Singapore and Australia

Consumer innovativeness refers to degree to which an individual or an entity such as a business firm is relatively earlier in adopting an innovation than other members of a social system. Though marketing literature posits culture as being an important factor influencing adoption of new products or services, very few studies have been undertaken in the past to validate the proposition across countries.The present paperis an attempt to study the impact of four cultural dimensions, viz., individualism vs. collectivism, power distance, uncertainty avoidance and masculinity vs. femininity, on consumer innovativeness across two countries, namely Australia and Singapore. The analysis of the data collected through consumer surveys in these two countries reveal culture to be differing in terms of number as well as specific dimensions in influencing consumer innovativeness. The paper ends with a discussion of managerial implications and directions for research. Keywords- Culture, Comparative Study, Cultural Dimensions, Surveys, Implications