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Determinantion of Eco-Efficiency For Small Pig Farms In The Southern of Thailand

The objective of this study was to determine the eco-efficiency value of small pig farms in the Southern of Thailand. The data of five small pig farms including the economic and environment performances during 2011 2013 were collected. Net sale was performed as the economic performance of these farms. The environmental performance of small pig farms consisted of feed consumption, water consumption, electric consumption, drug consumption, and waste production. Then, the eco-efficiency value of small pig farms was determined by World Business Council for Sustainable Development method. The results presented that the averaged net sale of small pig farms was 1,559,140 Baht per year. Feed and electric consumptions were the height and lowest eco-efficiency values of small pig farms, respectively. This result mentioned that small pig farms in the Sothern of Thailand should be developed the reduction approach of feed consumption for decreasing the operation cost and supporting sustainable development. Keywords- Eco-efficiency, Pig Farm, Sustainable Development, Indicators.