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Crossing the Boundary of Humanity: A Post human Reading of Cinder by Marissa Meyer

The focus of this research is the post human subject and discourse as represented by Marissa Meyer's work Cinder. This study will contribute to the theory of Post humanism and its growing prominence. It explores the post human discourse and the ways of looking at the post human and the possible implications that come from a future of scientific and technological advancements. The findings from this research provide evidence that the novel explores different representations of the posthuman. A hierarchy is created with the Lunars at the top; followed by Humans, Cyborgs, and Androids. Lunars are an example of genetically evolved humans. Cinder is a good example of a post human subject of the cyborg, who starts as an underprivileged citizen, cyborg, and an heir to the Lunar throne resulting in challenging anthropocentricism and stressing out the position of the cyborg in a post human world. Lunars and Androids offer an insight into possible states of being. This hierarchy is deconstructed by examining different representations of the post human. Keywords – Post human, Cyborg, Anthropocentricism, Hybridity