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Examination Of Pre-Schools’ Organizational Creativity In Terms Of Managers’ Ethical Leadership Behaviours

The purpose of the present research is examining organizational creativity levels at pre-schools in terms of managers’ ethical leadership behaviours. The data were collected from 266 teachers, selected through random cluster sampling method among pre-school teachers who work in the province of Konya in 2014-2015 school year. Ethical Leadership and Organizational Creativity Scale was utilized to collect data. According to the findings obtained in the present research, there is a significant relationship between organizational creativity level at pre-schools and ethics in decision-making and behavioural ethics dimensions of school managers’ ethical leadership. In addition, school managers’ behavioural dimension can explain organizational creativity at pre-schools at a significant level. Ethical leadership characteristic of pre-school managers can explain the 4.1% of the variability in pre-schools’ organizational creativity. Index Terms—Pre-School, Ethical Leadership, Organizational Creativity, Preschool Managers