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S. O. W. A. – A Biomimetic structure of a Drone Propeller Inspired by an Owl’s Feather

In this article, we present research of the pressure parameters, thrust force values, and flow of newly designed rotor propellers for a bicopter drone, the results of which can also be applied to macroscale objects such as wind turbine blades that can be used in drones or wind turbines. This project is inspired by nature, or more specifically, solutions observed in biological systems optimized over millions of years of evolution. The results of the research show that the nature-inspired propellers, which mimic the structure of an owl’s feather, reduce the pressure in the area of the grooves and curved surface, which increases the thrust force value. This allows for satisfactory results while reducing sound emission. Keywords - Nature, Biomimetism, Computational Fluid Domain, Drone, Technology