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Self-excited acoustic system for non-destructive examination of inclusions in aluminum castings

In this article, we present a study on the use of a self-excited acoustical system for the detection and characterization of inclusions in aluminum casting. The system is based on the principle of self-sustaining oscillations, and uses a piezoelectric transducer to generate and detect standing waves in the aluminum sample. The frequency and amplitude of the oscillations are analyzed to identify the presence and location of inclusions within the sample. The results of the study show that the self-excited acoustical system is effective in detecting and characterizing inclusions in aluminum casting, with a high degree of accuracy and sensitivity. This method has the potential to improve the quality and reliability of aluminum casting products, and may be applied to other materials in the future. Keywords - Aluminum casting, Detection and characterization of inclusions, Non-destructive evaluation techniques, Self-excited acoustical system.