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Non-Destructive Acoustical Method for Determining Rock Anchor Embedment Length in SALT Mine ‘Wieliczka’

This article describes a technique for determining the depth at which a rock anchor is embeded in a rock face, without causing damage to the anchor or surrounding structure. The method involves using an acoustic measurement system that relies on the natural vibrations of the anchor to determine its embedment length. This allows for accurate testing without the need to physically manipulate or damage the anchor. The results of this technique have been compared to those obtained using traditional, destructive testing methods, and have been found to be reliable and accurate. The self-excited acoustic measurement system has the potential to be a useful tool for testing rock anchor embedment length in underground structures, as it is non-invasive and can provide accurate measurements without causing any harm. Keywords - Rock Anchors, Determining Rock Anchor Embedment Length, Self-Excited Acoustical System, Non-Destructive Measurement System.