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Evaluation of Biochemical Parameters of Hepatic Function in Broiler Chickens

The liver performs several functions, so diseases affecting this organ can lead to significant biochemical changes. In avian species, biochemical variables are particularly important, as these show minimal clinical signs even when severely affected. In addition, most biochemical tests that support liver diagnosis disease in mammals are less specific or not applicable in poultry. Correctly determining a biochemical profile in avian species requires knowledge of diagnostic sensitivities, test specifications, and reference intervals. The objective of this paper is topropose reference values for parameters of liver function in broilers using Reference Value Advisor version 2.1 software, and to identify different fractions on a broiler proteinogram. The study involved 60 broilers of adult Isa 15 strain. Blood for analysis is drawn from the jugular vein and then collected in heparinized tubes. The blood plasma is separated by centrifugation at 3,000 rpm for 10 minutes, and analyzed. Biochemical analyzes including the determination of glucose, cholesterol, total proteins, uric acid, hepatic enzymes AST and ALT, and bile acids are approached in the present work. Agarose gel protein electrophoresis of frozen undiluted plasma samples is performed in alkaline buffer; Tris-barbital (pH 9.2), using Hydragel 7 Proteine (Sebia, France), on an automated Hydrasys 2 Scan system (Sebia, France). Reference intervals are presented using the nonparametric methodor Robust method when the p-value symmetry test for Robust is greater than 0.05. 90% confidence intervals are measured by the bootstrapping method. Broiler plasma electrophoresis is expressed by a curve with 7 peaks: albumin, alpha1, alpha2, pre-beta, beta, and gamma globulins. The results obtained will constitute a useful guide for the interpretation of biochemical tests of hepatic function and the monitoring of the health status of broilers. Keywords – Broiler -Hepatic Function –Biochemistry –Plasma -Reference Interval - Protein Electrophoresis - Interpretation.