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Indonesian Government's Roles in Developing Mandarin to Improve Business, Tourism, and Technology Transfer

In the globalization era, which syncs with technology development, China has become one of the developed countries with massive power, peculiarly in the trading industry. This development affects how Mandarin becomes the second international language. As one of the attempts to develop the country, Indonesian government needs to consider the urgency of language education so the communication traffic can be well created. In this study, the authors used a qualitative method with the previous studies and secondary data from the Indonesian government’s database as the reference, particularly Mandarin. Previous policies in the second presidential administration affected the development of Mandarin in Indonesia. It banned Chinese and its whole culture including its language utilization in some periodical time. As a country that is dependent on China in many transactional sectors, Indonesia should escalate its awareness of the use of Mandarin in order to create better communication towards China. So later on, the transaction could be done better for the country's development. Keywords - China, Indonesia, Language, Mandarin