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Road Safety Behavioural Intervention using Integration Model with Psychological and Religious Factors

In Malaysia, road accident is one of the most important agenda to be discussed seriously and various approaches been carried out to overcome the problems. Psychological and religious aspects are two main things that affects people’s bad attitude. While driving attitude is closely related to the human psychology. In addition, the religious aspect is also one of the driving attitude to human behavior. Therefore, this study was conducted to improve driver safety by suggesting approaches of psychological and religious. A self-administrated questionnaire were distributed among 256 respondents from various backgrounds. Results show that the descriptive statistics to respondents demographic Chi-square Test at significant levels (p <0.05), found the education level and traffic summon is significantly associated to safety driving. Meanwhile, correlation analysis showed there is a significant level (p <0.05) linear relationship on psychological factors, which are attitude of drivers towards safety driving. Also religious factors perception of the religious and practices, both have a strong relationship to safety driving. Therefore, it is suggestion and accompanying guidelines for improvements to enhance safety at driving institutes in order to produce drivers who drive safely on the road. Keywords - Road Safety, Psychology, Religiousity, Structural Equation Model