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Optimizing Instagram as a Medium for Health Promotion in Private Hospitals in West Java, Indonesia

Health promotion by utilizing digital media, especially through social media Instagram brings many advantages in the form of easily accessible sources of health information, health information that can be designed to be more visually appealing, and can form communities among audiences related to health as well as increase interesting educational content by utilizing features in instagram. This study aims to find out more about the use of social media Instagram as a media for health promotion carried out by several private hospitals in West Java. This research uses concepts from Luttrell namely, Share, Optimize, Manage, Engage. This study uses qualitative methods with data collection techniques in the form of observation, interviews and literature studies. The results obtained are 1) Selection of Instagram social media by private hospitals as one of the health promotion media tools is the right step; 2) At the optimize stage, the message is packaged in such a way that it can be optimally delivered via social media. This is because each social media has different characteristics; The optimization process carried out by the hospital selects the content to be uploaded, and sees every conversation in each upload; 3) At the manage stage; the hospital conducts media monitoring by looking at the progress of the number of followers, the number of posts and the number of responses each month; 4) At the engage stage; the hospital carried out health promotion target setting through social media Instagram private hospitals in West Java. Keywords - Health Promotion, Hospital, Social Media, Instagram