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Abstract - We will focus on the inclusion of people with disabilities into work teams in the Czech Republic. In July 2022, there were a total of 313,000 vacancies, which is fewer than there were in any month in the previous year, 2021. For example, in January 2021 there were 325,425 vacancies, in July 2021: 344,840, and in December 2021: 343,148. The overall unemployment rate in July 2022 was 3.3 %, also lower than the previous year. In December 2018, there were 324,400 job vacancies (, 2022). In 2018, a Sample Survey of Persons with Disabilities was conducted, which showed that approximately 13 % of people in the Czech Republic have a disability, i.e. 1,152,000 people. However, only 19 % of these persons with disabilities are working, which is 215,000 (, 2019).Why aren't more of them working? Can't, won't or don't have suitable job opportunities? We see that there are over 300,000 vacancies in the Czech Republic, so why are they not filled by people with disabilities? And when persons with disabilities are working, do they have a proper and sufficient inclusion process in the corporation?Disability significantly affects the life of the person themselves and, of course, their family. Especially for people with more serious types of disability, there are quite significant limitations in their ability to participate fully not only in their personal life but also in their working life. These unpleasant consequences can be eliminated to a certain extent by a system of pro-integration measures. Many of the limitations are not simply due to the duration of the disability, but mainly to the setting and structure of the environment. The barrier may not be the physical, sensory or other disability itself, but the situation where the environment does not recognise that disability and people with disabilities are an integral part of society. Finding and obtaining adequate employment is very important for people with disabilities, as it helps them to become economically independent, but also to maintain their psychological stability, to gain a sense of self-validation and social need. All of this obviously contributes to their full and equal status in society (vlá, 2020).In the questionnaire survey we approached 113 respondents, of which 101 were fully completed, i.e. relevant for the research. The questionnaire survey was processed using descriptive statistics. The research is concerned with the inclusion of people with disabilities in companies, specifically in a private health facility and a security agency in the Czech Republic, which actively employ people with disabilities. The outcome of the survey is the satisfaction of employees with disabilities in the workplace and the inclusion process in the corporation. Keywords - Disability, Implementation to the Work Groups, Czech Companies, Interpersonality