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Flipping The Classroom With E-Book System

The present study proposed an e-book system that can both edit online learning content and display the produced content. This object of the application is to support the design of the �flipped classroom�. During the learning contents of �flipped classroom� has to be delivered before class begin, the online material will be created by the editing function that is capable of integrating various resources such as PowerPoint slides, movie, and documents into an e-book to fit the delivering principle of �flipped classroom�. The displaying function loads learning contents from the cloud repository and provides different presentation modes for teacher and students. The presentation mode for students can not only display learning contents but also provide the interaction between the learner and the content. The classroom activities include the function of content interaction that embedded assessment in the e-book and students will interact the contents by using annotation tools to answer the question. The presentation mode for teacher supports the presentation of specific pages and the annotation tools also can be applied as the highlight of the learning content in the classroom activities. The interaction function and presentation help the construction of classroom activities in the �flipped classroom�. Index Terms�e-book; e-book system; flipped classroom.