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Emotional Stability: From The Buddhism Lens

Emotional Stability enables a person to develop an integrated and balanced way of perceiving the problems of life. This ability and structured perception helps one to develop reality oriented thinking, judgment and evaluations. Further Buddhism as a philosophy points out Equanimity, which means "even-mindedness," describes as, a perfect, unshakable balance of mind, rooted in insight, which is parallel with Emotional Stability. This study explored the Equanimity as an analogous construct to Emotional Stability and examine how it explicate the upkeep of equilibrium in different circumstances. The purpose of this study is to comprehend Emotional Stability from the Buddhism’s lens. The review firmly shows the Equanimity supersedes Emotional Stability that escaping people from errant behaviors, making them free from the dichotomy of good and bad and letting them to accept all that happenings with wisdom and happiness which will yield more of high Emotional Stability. Keywords— Emotional Stability, Equanimity, Buddhism, Even Mindedness.