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Use of Blockchain Technology in Health Care

“Blockchain”, the foundation technology of cryptocurrency (peer-to-peer electronic cash transaction) bitcoin, has recently gained tremendous interests both in industry and academia. It is due to the fact of its rapidly evolving use and potentials for effective and efficient application development in industries. Blockchainmainly enables a distributed database of transactions or records that were executed and shared among contributing businesses or end parties.Different sectors such as business, banking, real estate, health care, security, government, and education started to adopt the underlying Blockchain technology in many different aspects. However, there are still a lot of opportunities and venues for this technology to accelerate. The primary focus of this research is to study the use of Blockchain technology in the “health care” sector.Sourcing from open-access online materials and academic outlets we analyze sample articles concerning Blockchain, associative technologies, their potential application and issues in health care. Considering the innovative nature of Blockchainand longer time frames for reviews, we focus on collecting sample articles through open-sourced Google Scholar database for literature review. The criteria for inclusion of the content/papers in the review were defined as published article or content in a complete form whether in a journal, conference proceedings and technical report, white paper and blogs that were in English. The study investigate the practical use of Blockchain technology by dirfferent organizations in health care sector. The study also analyzes various applications of Blockchain in health caresuch as how and what purposes the different organizations using Blockchin technology.In addition, the study finds the gaps and provide recoomendations on how health care sector can use this technology more effctively and in more areas. Keywords - Block chain Technology, Health Care, Decentralized Systems, Distributed Ledger, Applications.