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Cyber Security - Investigating Phishing Attacks

The development of new technologies has over time led to the use of web applications, mobile devices and cloud computing. Cloud computing technology provides an opportunity for a business or scientific system not to have its information technology infrastructure but can rent the necessary services from a specific service provider. Internet security is questionable, that is, it is not possible to establish permanent security surveillance of the Internet to prevent computer crime because it is widespread throughout the world. Cybercrime is at the level of individuals and organized criminal groups who carry out theft and cloning of credit card data, loss of digital identity, phishing attacks, social engineering, computer malware and viruses, and digital blackmail. Previous research by other authors has found that phishing attack is the most common attack on business or scientific information systems, and their cause is human error. The protection model against phishing attacks must be implemented on several levels because this is an attack that combines technical elements with social engineering, so protection must be directed in both directions. Keywords - Attack, Cyber Security, Phishing, Protection.