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Rainwater Quality Analysis in Toi-Toi Village, South Bulagi District Banggai Islands

Clean water (sanitation water) is water that can be used for various purposes in the household sector such as for bathing, washing and special needs. This understanding must be distinguished from the notion of drinking water, namely water that meets health requirements so that it can be drunk directly. In general, people get drinking water by cooking clean water. Some sources of raw water commonly used/processed by the community into clean water include: Surface water such as shallow well water, river water, lake water, swamp water; Ground water such as springs, deep well water and others; Rainwater (Hafni, 2012). The purpose of this study was to obtain an overview of rainwater quality based on physical parameters (taste, odor, color and temperature), chemical parameters (iron, nitrate and hardness) and bacteriological parameters (total coliform and E.coli). This type of research is descriptive, with purposive sampling. The number of samples in this study were 2 rainwater reservoirs, namely fiber storage tanks and concrete tanks. Sample examination for chemical parameters was carried out at the Banggai Regency Health Service Laboratory and for bacteriological parameters carried out at the Laboratory of the Faculty of Public Health with the results of the examination referring to the Minister of Health Regulation No. 32/MENKES/PER/VI/2017. The quality of rainwater in Toi-Toi Village based on the results of laboratory examinations showed that the physical parameters (taste, smell, color and temperature) in the concrete and fiber reservoirs met the predetermined requirements, chemical parameters (iron (Fe), nitrate (NO3) and hardness (CaCO3) met the requirements and the bacteriological parameters (total coliform and E.coli) met the requirements. To improve the quality of rainwater in Toi-Toi Village, it can be done by making a filter in the channel to block dirt from entering the water reservoir and cleaning the dirty rainwater collection channel so as to prevent bacterial contamination in the rainwater reservoir. Keywords - Rainwater Quality, Physical, Chemical, and Bacteriological.