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Utilization of Dioscorea Alata as Local Food for People with Diabetes Mellitus (A Literature Review)

Functional food is food that because of its active component content can provide health benefits, beyond the benefits provided by the nutrients contained in it, Dioscorea alata has a bioactive content that can be used in reducing blood glucose levels of people with diabetes mellitus The purpose of this Literature Review is to identify and describe the bioactive and nutritional content in yam alatadioscorea that can lower blood glucose levels. The literature review form refers to the guidelines of the preferred reporting items for systematic review checklists (PRISMA). Searches for National and International journals come from Google Scholar and Pubmed. The search on the database uses the English keyword "Dioscorea, Diabetes mellitus, Blood Glucose, Glycemic Index". Articles are selected based on inclusion criteria: so 12 eligible articles are selected. DioscoreaAlata for people with diabetes mellitus, namelyDioscoreaAlata , is a local food plant that is prospective as a functional food because it contains a low glycemic index, such as dioscorin, diosgenin, and water-soluble polysaccharides (PLA) high in total dietary fiber, vitamin C and minerals, antioxidants, can maintain the health of the intestinal microflora, and inhibit the growth of atherosclerosis plaques so that it is suitable for consumption by diabetics and cardiovascular diseases. it can efficiently inhibit the activity of two major diabetes-related enzymes, -amylase and -glucosidase. ConclusionDioscoreaalata is one of the local foods that contains nutrients and bioactives that are beneficial for people with diabetes mellitus. Keywords - Dioscorea, Diabetes Mellitus, Blood Glucose, Glycemic Index