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Comparative Product Profile Analysis of Health Promoting Indian Cheese (Paneer) Prepared from Milk of Different Indigenous Milch Animals

The present study was conducted to compare complete product profile of health promoting Indian Cheese (Paneer) prepared from milk of indigenous breeds of milch animals (Sahiwal cow, Hariana cow, Murrah buffalo, Jamunapari goat and Barbari goat) and product purchased from local market. Yield percent, protein and fat of paneer and khoa of Murrah milk was significantly (P<0.05) higher than other samples. All paneer samples had nutrient content as per FSSAI (2006) and PFA (1976). There was no significant difference in springiness and gumminess values among all the paneer samples. Jamunapari and Barbari paneer had comparatively soft texture and lower textural values. All colour values and mineral content also showed significant (P<0.05) among the treatments. In SDS PAGE good amount of protein were separated as per molecular weight of protein and all samples had almost similar protein distribution. In sensory evaluation, all products were well acceptable by sensory panelists and obtained more than 7.50 scores on 9 point hedonic scale. It was concluded that health promoting Paneer from indigenous breeds of cow, buffalo and goat are excellent source of nutrients as compared to market products. Goat milk products were also well acceptable by sensory panelists and might be an excellent option for consumers suffering from diseases like constipation, cardiovascular disorders etc. KEYWORDS- Indigenous Breeds, Milch Animals, Health Promoting, Indian Cheese (Paneer), Product Profile Analysis