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Acceptability of Functional Low Sugar Carabeef Cookies through Consumer Oriented Sensory Evaluation and Production Economics

This experiment was conducted to evaluate the acceptability of functional low sugar carabeef cookies through consumer oriented sensory evaluation and economics estimation via production cost. High protein, fiber enriched low fat functional cookies were incorporated with optimized level of three sugar replacers i.e. 20% inulin powder (IL2), 20% sodium caseinate (SC2) and 15% raftilose (RT1) were compared with control cookies, where SC2 was selected as the best treatment. Consumer oriented sensory evaluation of these cookies was carried out with 105 consumer, where product was much liked by most of the consumers. The production cost of functional carabeef cookies was also estimated around Rs. 336.52/kg and contained 46.13%protein, 7.61% total dietary fiber, 11.82% fat and 3.87 kcal/g calorific values as compared to 10.29% protein, 1.39% total dietary fiber, 18.07% fat and 4.32 kcal/g calorific value in control cookies. Keywords - Functional, Carabeef Cookies, Sugar Replacers, Sodium Caseinate, Raftilose, Inulin