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Towards Bio-Economy: Optimal Match of Biomass Resources to Bio-Products Productions

Bio-based economy or simply bio-economy is not a new concept. This concept, rather to be called as a practice, has had important contributions to the nationís developments and poverty alleviation for many countries in the world. However, the concept now is refreshed with more strategic activities such as planning and operating the bio-refineries that utilize biomass resources. In this paper, optimal match of biomass resources to bio-products productions has been proposed and serve as a pre-requisite step in planning and operation of a bio-refinery. Brief explanations about thermochemical biomass conversion are reported. A superstructure of alternatives to produce bio-products such as bioenergy, bio-chemicals or bio-materials from biomass resources show a guided description in connecting and optimizing processing stages that are required to convert the biomass. Later in the optimization modelís formulation, bio-economic indicator such as profitability would be one of the relevant objective functions for achieving an optimal solution. Index Termsó Bio-economy, bio-refinery, biomass, biomass conversion routes, bio-products.