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High Functional Skin Layer Modification of PolytetrafluoroEthylene Hollow Fiber Membrane

This investigation utilized the air-boosted coating as the modified skin layer for the Polytetrafluoro ethylene hollow fiber membrane. The facile approach is based on dopamine hydrochloride's surface polymerization and enhances surface energy, functional property, and flux recovery against protein adsorption. The modified membranes' morphological, chemical, and functional properties were characterized by SEM, FT-IR, water contact angle, and filtration tests. It was demonstrated that taking advantage of the poly dopamine was a promising method for transforming the surface characteristic of the Polytetrafluoro ethylene from hydrophobic to ultra-high hydrophilic. Besides, it showed satisfactory functional improvement of Polytetrafluoro ethylene hollow fiber membranes by heightening the flux recovery ratio for bovine serum albumin filtration. Keywords - Polytetrafluoro Ethylene, Hollow Fiber Membrane, Surface Modification, Flux Recovery.