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n Finding Purpose in Adversity: Lessons Learnt from the Holocaust Child Survivors to get through COVID Times

Today, it is imperative and challenging to assess the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on children due to the extreme speed with which the crisis has unfolded. Due to such unprecedented disruptions, the pandemic has triggered a massive spike in uncertainty about the future and general mental illness among children. However, psychological studies and eyewitness accounts of traumatic experiences like the holocaust suggest the implementation of psychological and meaning-building interventions to control the devastating impact of COVID-19 on children and youth. Hence, this paper applies lessons from both holocaust testimonials like Elie Wiesel’s Night and Dorinda Nicholson’s WWII Kids who Survived Tell their Stories, as well as the research findings of Dr. Seligman’s positive psychology, to the present times. Specifically, both documents, in stressing the capacity for meaningful relations and activities (i.e., “Meaning” and “Relationships” as key elements of Dr. Seligman’s PERMA model) to generate resilience, can encourage and foster such relationships and activities among children to give them, in a historically proven way, hope and meaning when facing the intense adversity and uncertainty of the present pandemic. Keywords - Positive Psychology, Children, Post-COVID, Resilience