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Trust as a Key Factor for Segmentation among E-Commerce Users in the Post-COVID-19 Context

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing major economic and social changes. Our society will not be the same after it; in fact, today's e-commerce consumers have changed their online shopping habits during the pandemic. Post-COVID-19 studies should analyse the change in online consumer behaviour and new market segments. This research aims to establish what factors affect the adoption and use of e-commerce and the online purchasing decision and to discover if there is unobserved heterogeneity in the behaviour of these consumers to establish segments that describe differentiated behaviours among online consumers. For this purpose, a sample of online consumers from Spain and Portugal was analysed and a hierarchical regression tree was performed by applying the CHAID (Chi-Square Automatic Interaction Detector) technique. The results obtained have allowed us to establish predictive and explanatory models of the behaviour of the segments and profiles created, which will help companies to improve their relationship with online customers in the coming years. Keywords - Segmentation, Trust, CHAID, COVID-19, E-Commerce.