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Brand Recognition of Smartphones amongst Smartphone users in Thailand

In this modern era, the telecommunication industry is faced with a lot of challenges. Telecommunication gadgets are indirectly or directly affecting all of us in different ways, and most parts, improving the quality of life and enhancing connectivity on a global scale. The number of smartphone users is exponentially increasing by the day across the globe. The choice and decision of manufacturers in the industry are largely affected by many factors, and that includes introducing advanced innovations in their brands, in orderto have a comparative advantage over their competitors. However, this study has been undertaken by the researcher to examine the cross generational influenceon brand recognition of smartphones across Thailand.We will have an overview of brand recognition of smartphones amongst users in Thailand as the main rationale behind this research. The study shall also explore consumers’ motives to follow brands either on social media or search engine platforms. Developing a reliable measure of brand followers’ motivations, it is aimed to contribute to the online consumer behavior literature and online marketing practice in respect to consumer recognition of brands. The potential contribution of the study, might be in the area of investigating the influence of different SM implementations towards brand recognition and consumer behavior process. The diverse motives of consumers who follow brands on different SM platforms can be evaluated and compared.Also, marketing professionals might benefit from the findings, especially in managing SM strategies of their brands, and also make some valuable recommendations for their brands’ product design team, as it regards the features smartphone users expect to see in their phones going forward. Another benefit might be for the social media platforms, by providing insights to create better interaction between consumers and brands to develop engagement in between. Keywords - Smart phone, Social Media, Brand, Communication, Digital, Connectivity, and Innovation.