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Sharia Hospitals - Do they Affect Patient Satisfaction and Loyalty? A Literature Review

Objective: A Sharia hospital is a hospital that appliesSharia principles in all of its activities. To maintain the qualityof Sharia hospitals, certification is required. The performance of a Sharia hospital is largely determined by the work ethic of all staff, including doctors, nurses, and other staff. One of the indicators of how well Sharia principles have been implemented is hospital customer satisfaction. The purpose of this review is to investigate the effect of implementing Sharia services in hospitals on patient satisfaction and loyalty. Method: This literature review used online database sources, such as Pubmed, Google Schoolar, Science direct, Mendeley, and Garuda Portal,to find articles published between 2010 and 2020 and that were written in English.The keywords used in the search included “Shariahospital,” “patient satisfaction,” “halal hospital,” “worship-friendly hospitals,” and “satisfaction and loyalty of patients.”Out of 52 articles identified, we included six articles in this review. Results: There are several factors that have the most influence on patient satisfaction: the behavior of doctors who are halal, hospital behavior that is in accordance with Sharia principle, and the completeness of equipment and facilities that support the implementation of the Sharia system. Conclusion: In this literature review studying the application of Sharia principles in hospital services, there are sixstudies that connect hospital Sharia services with patient satisfaction. The higher the quality of the services provided, the more fulfilled the patient’s expectations for the hospital, which increases the patient's loyalty to the Sharia hospital. Keywords - Sharia Hospital, Satisfaction, Loyalty