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Transportation Model that Does not Cause Pollution in Urban Areas: Literature Review

At this time in human history, urbanization is experiencing the largest spike worldwide. Transport is critical to this wave of urbanization, and it also has substantial and unequal beneficial and negative effects on the population's health.The transportation system is essential for human well-being, business growth, and daily human life. This study aims to analyze articles related to transportation that do not cause air pollution. The method used in writing this article is a literature review.A literature search using an online database that provides journal articles in PDF format: ProQuest, BMC Public Health, Medline, AIDSLINE, CINAHL, Google Scholar, PubMed, and Plos One, with a total of 22,014 articles from 2012 to 2021. Explore and identify articles that have relevance will be compiled. Of these, only six articles are considered relevant. Good urban planning and transportation can produce healthy cities so that they are livable. The Superblocks model can be used as an alternative in planning with the aim of restoring public space for people.The structural model effectively improves air quality.This model uses environmentally friendly public transportation to effectively reduce air pollution. Good transportation planning is needed so as not to cause air pollution and can cause health problems for humans. Sustainable transportation models such as superblocks can be applied to urban areas by reducing the use of cars and using public transport. Keywords - Transportation, Model, Pollution, Urban Area, Sustainable.