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Types of Mobile Health (mHealth) for Family-based Mother and Child Health in the First 1000 Days of Life: A Literature Review

Current technological advances can be an opportunity to address the gap in maternal and child health services, especially during the first 1000 days of life. The development of information technology in the health sector in the form of mobile health (mHealth) can be a solution to presenting a quality health service. The purpose of this literature review is to find out the types and educational materials contained in maternal and child nutrition health mHealth in the first 1000 days of family-based life. The literature sources in this literature review were obtained from online journal databases that provide free journal articles in Scopus indexed PDF format Google Scholar, Science Direct, and PubMed. From the initial search results found as many as 2305 articles, and after going through the screening process, the remaining 8 studies are then reviewed. The results show that the interventions provided by digital health can be; a) health promotion messages; b) Health education, behavior change communication, health promotion communication, client-centered messages; c) notifications and reminders for appointments, medication adherence, or follow-up services; d) Management of laboratory results, management of test results; e) Health messages to an unspecified target group regardless of demographic characteristics or health status; f) Peer learning, peer groups, peer-to-peer groups, peer networks, peer support; g) Client's ability to track their medical history and clinical records; h) Personal health monitoring, self-monitoring; i) Public reporting on health system problems, such as the availability and quality of services received, interactions with health workers, satisfaction with services; j) Decision support for clients. Keywords - Maternal and Child Health, Mobile Health (mHealth), First 1000 Days of Life.