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Potential of Bioactive Tea Herbal Compounds as Antioxidants among Stachys., Camellia., & Bouea Macrophylla Griffith (Comparative-Literature Review)

WHO in its 2014-2023 strategic program encourages to develop herbal medicine. Herbal tea is one form of herbal medicine. Herbal tea has a long history in the world and has been utilized since time immemorial for the benefit of treatment. Among the herbal tea on the popular market, including the raw materials of Camelliaand Stachys. Both of these sources contain phytochemical flavonoids, saponins, tannins, phenolic and triterpenoids so that they have many benefits including antioxidants. One plant that has a similar content is Bouea Macrophylla Griffith. This report aims to review the potential of bioactive compounds on herbal tea on antioxidant effects. Keywords - Antioxidant, Bouea Macrophylla Griffith, Camellia, Herbal Tea, Stachys